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                                            WELCOME TO CLAN GREENLEE!

     This is not the first time Telara has come under siege by the power of the dragons-- In a time before us-- even before your father and your father’s father...

     The dragon’s magic was at work all around the land, and the Deviants said we must stop and bring this madness to the end. After months of tireless fighting and skirmishes they were down to the last few heroes and wind rifts raged throughout Telera. It was then that our last hope, whose name has been lost to time itself, arrived clad in armor of green. He promised to stop all the rifts throughout Telera.

     It was a glorious battle between him and the creatures from the Rifts. But they were no match for our Hero. When he came back to show he was victorious he was showered with riches beyond dreams and everything he wanted was in front of him. He truly was a hero he refused all these gifts and giving them to the people to rebuild the land and free themselves from poverty and strife. He then vanished into the countryside, and was never heard from again.

     Some say that to this day he roams Telera in seeking rifts to close them. His story was so inspiring that people began to follow him and protect Telara. Now with the rising of Regulos a guild has stepped forward to assemble all of these followers together to use their knowledge and power as the protectors of Telara. Augmented with the ranks of Ascended, they call themselves Clan Greenlee. They are adorned with green armor like the Hero himself and they each adopted the name Lee, which means to shelter from the wind.

     They shall be remembered forever as those destined to help save Telara in the fight against its oldest enemy...

Welcome to Clan greenlee. We are a casual guild with family values in mind and welcome any and all players from many walks of life married, dating, or single who seek a relaxing fun fill role playing environment and strive to be what all dream of when being part of a family or guild. Many ask for help never to recieve it,  not so with Clan greenlee. we strive to help others when ever possible and only desire to make gaming on Rift as enjoyable and filled with adventurous content as Rift was intended to be. Feel free to post ideas or questions in our forums and join us and your friends to what will be the greatest guild ever. Good luck and Happy hunting!

Guild News

We have moved!

coanazgul, Feb 4, 12 10:50 PM.
Clan Greenlee has moved to Greybriar! We welcome you to join us there and look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for reviewing our site!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

coanazgul, Sep 9, 11 11:42 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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